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❤️ SPECIAL OFFERS ❤️ STRAPON for bdsm and anal massage lovers❤️Female 4 hands on Wednesdays and Thursdays❤️Mix 4 hands male and female always available❤️

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Real Tantra Art Of Touch

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1 hour

1.700 NOK

90 min

2.000 NOK

2 hours

2.500 NOK

Extra hour

1.000 NOK

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❤️ Welcome ❤️

Make good memories in July with AGNES who invites you for relaxing sessions or intense adventures with ropes and toys!

To order a session with Agnes call our friendly operator on 40846236.


Individual sessions:
60 min 1.700 kr - this treatment is designed for light erotic, relaxing massage.

Tantric sessions:
90 min 2.000 kr
120 min 2.500 kr
Extra hour 1.000 kr

😀Extras with Agnes:

Prostata massage - 400kr
Light BDSM, just some ropes, blindfold - 600 kr
BDSM, Shibari, challenging your fear of pain, fear of loosing senses and control, teasing with tools - 800 kr
4 hands - from 4.000 kr
SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK - STRAPON with suitable size of the tool - 1000 kr
For example 90 min (2000kr) with light BDSM (600kr), prostate massage with strap on (1000kr) costs 2000+600+1000=3600kr.

SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEDNESDAY - Super delicate, healing, tantric massage performed by our secret colleague, beautiful, young, blond, tall tantra teacher ❤️❤️❤️! Her name is Diana and we don't say more :) Don't miss opportunity to discover your soft spots and divine orgasmic feeling when she touches you.

You can also order non sexual oil massage, like Lomi Lomi, Relaxing whole body or just part of the body (f.ex. head/neck/shoulder/back) 700 kr per 1 hour, 500 per 30 min.
Shiatsu (interview, hara diagnosis, meridians treatment) 60 min 600 kr


She is known for her skills in BDSM but also for her unike ability to talk you through all topics you may come with to our studio. That is thanks her extensive education within sexology, body-mind therapy and her 6 years experience in tantric field.
Agnes is experienced, sexy and openminded. She understands how sexual energy works as our lifeforce and knows all the tricks to make you feel it.

Here is how Agnes describes her work:

This will be a journey of sensuality.
I've been performing and teaching tantric massage, sex coaching and cuddling for over 5 years and I love my job. I believe everyone deserves and benefits from conscious, loving touch. Seeing people happy, comfortable in their sexuality, discovering sometimes hidden ability to enjoy their own bodies is the best reward. Not to mention how much I learn from my clients too, I must say you are the best teachers, I love listening to you.
I'm educated in several arts of manual therapies including Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi as well as Meditation, Yoga and TCM, and I use these principles in my practice. That's why it feels so good to be touched by me. To be in one room with me is both exciting and calming, so I hear from my guests.
Since I went to number of courses related to Tantra Sexological bodywork and Shamanism - every session is an unforgettable ritual and performance. If it's going to be TANTRIC massage - we will wake up, play with and use our sexual energy realising it from taboos, physical and mental limitations. Pure life force in our hands.
When you walk inn, we take time to talk and see what's the best treatment for you today, no rush, we release some tension before the manual treatment even starts.
During tantric massage we are usually both naked and I touch your whole body including your intimal parts, but it's all about a consent, we can decide otherwise and I may wear some lingerie, specially for BDSM sessions. It is always interesting to me, every session is a different adventure and profound meeting between you and me. It can be peaceful and relaxing, hot and sexy, hypnotic, deeply touching, very dynamic or light and playful...
And, if you find expressing our minds in english difficult, I will understand and speak with you norwegian.


Do you experience some specific problems in your sexual life?
It might be difficult to talk with a stranger about problems related to intimacy, like lack of sexdrive, difficulties in erection or achieving orgasm, premature ejaculation or prostata issues... but please try to open up and don't hesitate to tell me about it during our interview. I am educated sexologist and might help you using advanced technics like anal or vaginal mapping, dearmouring, sexual acupressure, orgasmic yoga, conscious masturbation, big draw and very gentle mind work too. Confidentiality is self-evident.


In our studio you can expect the atmosphere of understanding, safety, support, relaxation and heart warmth. We are skillfull therapists and we provide a range of treatments, from relaxing light erotic massage to work with your energy on high level, transforming and reaching out for spiritual experience.

We want you to leave our place with sense of harmony, relaxed but energized, educated and happier person, in peace with your sexuality.

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Why anal massage? Is it really for everybody?
Prostate and anal massage, which if done right, with sensitivity is a wonderful joy and healing. Anal massage is a deeply relaxing massage restoring the strenth. In our culture the anal area is often associated with the feeling of taboo, shame and fear. Quite the contrary, anal massage connect us to the roots of our strenth, gives endurance and self-confidence.
Psychologically and physically anal area is connected with fear and stress. When we hold on this emotions, we create tension in this area. Consequetly by releasing this tension we get rid of block and reach the feeling of comfort, peace and safety. For men, anal or prostate massage deepens the sensations in the whole body and OPENS THE HEART, that is why it gives the sense of completion and integrity.

Anal massage can also solve problems with erection, premature ejaculation and prevent the prostate cancer. If you wish to deal with this area we advice you to book at least 2 hours treatment. We are using fingers in gloves, lots of lubricant or a suitable equipment. We perform it the same way as we do all our treatments, with delicacy and tendernes.
If you're not open for anal massage then perhaps massage of the rosebud would be an option for you, it is massage of two small circle muscles in anus area, but only outside.
We are experts :)

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Call 40846236 to order and receive our rejuvenating treatments 🙂


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