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Payment: PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard, pay online with cash, easy.

Don't want to use your credit card online?
Don't have a credit card?

No problem, you can use PaySafeCard, it works like this.
1. You find a PaySafeCard location, a shop who sells the card.
2. Buy PaySafeCard from the shop, use cash or your credit card to buy it.
3. Use your PaySafeCard to shop online, all you need is to put in the code from the card and you have made a payment, super easy.
4. Buy multiple cards, and then use RealEscort wallet to load the money from all your cards to your RealEscort wallet, then you use wallet to pay, easy :)

(paying with PaySafeCard cost a Fee of 11%. Example: Product 500 + 55 fee Total 555.-)

Find PaySafeCard locations here, also see what amounts you can buy cards in on the PaySafeCard website.

To change PaySafeCard Website country click the globe.

You can also use PaySafeCard app

App store download - IPhone
Google play store download - Android