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Do RealEscort allow escorts to use fake ads/pictures?

WE DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE FAKE PICTURES! Or make fake ads in any way.
If we become aware that any escorts are using fake photos, we will take action. However, we do need more evidence than just one unsupported allegation, especially because this is unfortunately a business where people sometimes make false allegations about others.

All pictures that are uploaded to ads our staff will look for fake pictures!
RealEscort Admins and Support staff will look for fake pictures, in our databases of known models, and search online, we catch 80% of the fake pictures but not all :( that's why if you see an ad with fake pictures and you know the model or can find her online, yo should report it to help us.
Have a look at the Latest Updates on the site to see how many get 1 warning and how many gets deleted if you don't trust our word!
Ads that has received Fake picture (warning)
Ads that has received Fake pictures warnings (Ad Deleted)

If you know of an escort on RealEscort Norway that use fake photos. Will you take action?
Yes, You can submit a Fake Photo Report. The link to do this is under each ad profile main picture.

What happens if i break the rules?
This is listed in our terms of use, you accepted when you made your users on RealEscort, see terms link at the bottom of RealEscort website or search for it in the FAQ.

If you ignore our rules, we will delete your ad, along with all settings, payments, reviews, blogs, messages, everything will be lost! We normally give out 1 warning, but don't count on it!
If you get 1 warning, it will be listed on our "Latest Updates" page for all to see, that you was given 1 warning for fake pictures.

So please be a professional make your own real ad, and use your own pictures, and information.
You will soon see the benefits of this because your customers will come back again and again, and recommend you to others, giving you good reviews on our site. In the long run, you will make more money, and that is the whole reason you are doing this job, right? :)