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Aid and Help for Sex Workers in Norway

Aiding Sex Workers in Norway: A Guide to Supportive Resources.

Sex work, a subject often clouded by controversy, misunderstanding, and stigma, is a reality for many individuals. In Norway, the law distinguishes between the purchase and sale of sexual services, with the latter being legal. This distinction emphasizes the need for support and resources for sex workers without criminalizing their actions. Several organizations in Norway understand the complexities faced by these individuals and offer their assistance.


1. Pro Sentret
About: Pro Sentret is a leading institution in Norway, committed to supporting those who are involved or have been involved in sex work. They look past the stigma, recognizing that each person has a unique story and circumstances.

Contact Number: +47 23 100 200
Location: Storgata 11, 0155 Oslo, Norway
Website: Pro Sentret in Norway

Services Provided:
- Health care services, ensuring sex workers can access necessary medical care.
- Counseling and therapy, offering a safe space to discuss challenges, traumas, and future goals.
- Legal advice to help understand Norway's legal perspective on the industry.


2. The Rosa Project (Rosa Projeket)
About: The Rosa Project focuses on a grim aspect of the industry: human trafficking. The project aims to provide support to those forced into sex work.

24/7 Contact Number: +47 22 33 11 60
Website: Assistance from Rosa Norway

Services Provided:
- Counseling for emotional and psychological recovery.
- Comprehensive healthcare services.
- Legal support, crucial for those trying to break free from traffickers.
- Assistance with social integration, helping victims rebuild their lives.


3. Nadheim - Kirkens Bymisjon
About: A service for people who have experience with selling/exchanging sexual services or are victims of human trafficking.

Contact Number: Bergen + 47 96624679, Oslo + 47 47453827, Stavanger +47 91858305 and Trondheim +47 45877819
Location: Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim.
Website: Nadheim - Kirkens Bymisjon

Services Provided:
- They offer information and support regarding issues like health, migration, economy, laws and regulations, safety.
- They test for STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), they hand out many types of condoms and lubricant, etc.
- All services are free.


4. Red Cross Norway
About: The Red Cross, leveraging its extensive network and resources, dedicates part of its efforts to assist those in the sex industry, particularly victims of human trafficking.

Contact Number: +47 22 05 40 00
Location: Hausmanns gate 7, 0186 Oslo, Norway
Website: Red Cross Norway

Services Provided:
- Medical aid and health check-ups.
- Counseling and psychological support.
- Programs aimed at reintegrating individuals into society, offering a new beginning.


5. Amnesty International Norway
About: While not exclusively focused on sex work, Amnesty International upholds the belief that everyone, including sex workers, has rights.

Contact Number: +47 22 40 22 00
Location: Grensen 3, 0159 Oslo, Norway
Website: Amnesty International Norway

Services Provided:
- Advocacy and information sharing, educating the public about the intricacies of the sex industry.
- Campaigns for the decriminalization of all aspects of consensual adult sex work, advocating for societal and legal changes.


6. Sex og Samfunn
About: Sex og Samfunn offers a health service to individuals who purchase or have experience with sex purchasing. This service is inclusive, with no age limit and open to all genders. It also extends to the partners of individuals who have bought or buy sex. Services can be accessed anonymously, and confidentiality is maintained.

Contact Number: +47 22 99 39 00
Location: Skippergata 17, 0152 Oslo, Norway
Website: Sex og Samfunn Norway

Services Provided:
- Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis.
- Counseling services offering non-judgmental and confidential discussions about experiences related to sex purchasing.
- A chat service available Monday to Thursday from 11:30 to 19:00 for discussions on topics like STI testing, prevention, contraception, and mental health issues related to sex purchasing.


7. PION (Prostituertes interesseorganisasjon I Norge)
About: PION, founded in 1990 by two women indoor sex workers, is a GAATW member in Norway focusing on advocacy and support for all sex workers in the country, including female, male, transgender, local, and migrant sex workers.
PION addresses the challenges faced by sex workers under Norway's legal framework, where selling sex is legal, but advertising sexual services or renting premises for sex work is not. The organization also works to decriminalize sex work and advocates for changes in legislation affecting sex workers' rights.

Services Provided:
- Harm reduction work for HIV prevention, including the distribution of condoms and lube, assistance with PrEP, and health work.
- Legal aid and advocacy to influence the political situation regarding sex work in Norway.
- Outreach work to connect with sex workers and provide support based on their needs.
- Assistance to sex workers dealing with the consequences of Norway’s laws against the purchase of sex.
- Efforts to distinguish between trafficking and sex work in public policy and provide appropriate support.
- Language services in Thai and Spanish for outreach work with migrant communities.

Contact Number: +47 90 06 35 58
Location: Torggaten 10, 0181 Oslo, Norway
Website: PION (Prostitutes interest organization in Norway)


For anyone involved in the sex work industry, it's crucial to know that there are organizations and individuals who genuinely care and want to assist. If you or someone you know requires support, don't hesitate to reach out to these organizations. Remember, there's always hope, and with the right help, a brighter future is attainable.