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Norway New Regions 2024 Update

Norway New Regions 2024 Update is here.

"As of January 1, 2024, Norway has undergone further administrative changes, notably reversing some of the previous county consolidations. Viken county was divided back into Akershus, Buskerud, and Østfold, and both Finnmark and Troms, as well as Telemark and Vestfold, were re-established as separate counties. This marks a significant alteration in Norway's county structure, aiming to address local governance and administrative efficiency"

All advertisers in the impacted areas have been transitioned to the updated regions, etc. We've adjusted your advertisement's travel plan as accurately as possible with the information available to us, and we have also transferred your Priority days if applicable.

Due to the alterations in the new regions, including changes to names, the introduction of new areas, and the removal of some, it was not feasible to relocate everyone precisely as desired.

You must review your travel plan now to ensure it meets your preferences and is not breaking rules of location, as we had to place some ads in multiple regions, some also got some extra free priority days.

Best regards.

RealEscort Development Team