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Welcome to RealEscort, the leading platform in Norway for escort and massage services. is an advertiser platform featuring escort and massage services offered by Girls, Boys, Gays, Tv-Ts, Duos, Couples and Clinics all based in Norway.

What is Trial Period? Learn more about Trial Period.

Understanding "Trial Period"

Our commitment to maintaining a high-quality platform for advertisers, users, visitors, and customers is unwavering. We are constantly battling against harmful elements such as fake images, fraudulent reviews, deceptive ads, and scamming activities. Unfortunately, there are many individuals with dishonest intentions.

New ads often serve as the source of these malicious activities. To encourage everyone to be extra cautious with new ads, we have implemented a "Trial Period" for them.

Effective from: 14-06-2023

Trial Period Banner:
Ads will bear a "Trial Period" banner during their first 14 days online. This serves as a clear indicator for visitors, users, and customers to exercise caution.

Trial Period Reviews:
The first 14 days of an advertiser's online presence are crucial for building their reputation. Ads will not have the option to deactivate reviews during this initial period. This allows site visitors, customers, and users to assess the advertiser's services and share their experiences, whether positive or negative.

Trial Period Price:
Previously, creating a new ad was relatively simple and affordable, which unfortunately made it an easy tool for scammers and fraudsters. To counter this, we've increased the cost to start advertising on our website.

This approach will help discourage scammers and fake ads, as they can no longer continuously create inexpensive ads each time they are removed for rule violations.

These new changes will not impact our honest, dedicated, professional, and long-standing advertisers!

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Attention! Beware of Scammers, Fraudsters, and Swindlers!

We appreciate your understanding.

Best Regards,
Team RealEscort